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The handbook ‘CoScience - Gemeinsam forschen und publizieren mit dem Netz' is a knowledge and education resource which has been developed shortly before and during the CeBIT 2014 (a global fair for digital business in Hannover) within the framework of a Book Sprint on a collaborative platform, called
Working scientifically becomes more and more digital, multi-media, collaborative, networked, as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. Therefore this handbook describes upcoming good practices easy to read, and provides tips to newcomers in the world of science. 

Why is this a good practice:
This handbook was developed in the sense of collaboration and sharing knowledge right from the beginning, as several co-authors joined together in a Book Sprint session. After the first version was released, the handbook was presented, discussed, and revised live at the CeBIT 2014, which forms a great platform for the scientific community, industry experts, and the public.

The handbook is released as a ‘living book’ in a dynamic version, which is constantly being revised, improved, and expanded. All readers are able to contribute through comments directly in the text online. The platform is based on an open source software.
In addition, there is a stable version released to ease references and quotations. A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is added to the whole book, as well as individual chapters. If there are substantial changes deriving from the dynamic version of the handbook, new versions of the stable version are being released.

Version 1.0 (html), Mai 2014  
Version 1.0 (PDF)
Version 2.0 (html), April 2015
In addition to these versions of the platform, the authors of this book created a series of seven online videos, where they explain as experts individual chapters.

License: CC-BY 4.0 international