Good Practice

IchMOOC / *Germany*

Volkshochschule Bremen + Volkshochschule Hamburg

The ichMOOC is a course about “the digital me” of 4 weeks duration. All material is released as CC-BY.
Many ‘Volkshochschulen’ (community colleges in Germany) offer a great variety of courses where social networking is taught. Most of these courses however focus on technical questions “how do I register?” or “where do I look for the privacy policies”. The ichMooc is now supposed to close the gap and finally talk about what is just as important: digital identity. 

Why is this a good practice:
The creation of the ichMooc is a cooperation between two community colleges that partnered up with the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, which makes it a nice example of collaborative work between higher and adult education. 

In terms of Open Educational Practises, the ichMOOC follows an open blended-learning format, including videos, forums, and face-to-face meetings, called MOOCbars. The choice of creating a MOOC was useful in two ways: for the colleges as useful marketing tool, and for the students who were able to join freely from home. As the content of this course targets also people who are not yet comfortable in the www, the MOOCbars have been created, where they could meet in person, and ask questions and discuss topics they didn’t dare writing online. These face to face meetings took place three times in different locations all over Germany at the same date and the same time. (click!)