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Cogneon GmbH (Cogneon Ltd.)

Cogneon is a company, providing consultancy on knowledge management in organisations. The cogneon wiki started off as a company intranet, only accessible to employees, used as an encyclopedia in the topic knowledge management/ knowledge work for companies and institutions. After an inspirational event (called Cogneon Knowledge Jam) in 2005, they decided to open up the companies pool of knowledge to their customers and partners in 2006, and finally in 2011, the cogneon wiki was openly accessible to the public.
Anyone is free to read, download and reuse the articles and pages (the license is cc-by). Suggestions for new articles and pages can be sent to Cogneon Wiki, where chosen editors make the final decision

Why is this a good practice:
For them, the step by step process, made it easier to handle the implications of openness for everyone involved (learning by doing). The Cogneon Wiki, just like Wikipedia, is based on the Open-Source-Software Mediawiki. There are many technical features, such as collection, ConfirmEdit, Cite, EmpedVideo, Image Video, Semantic Mediawiki, Mobile Frontend etc. in order to increase the accessibility and the quality of the articles.
Cogneon has defined quality criteria, where they differentiate between “all pages”, and “pages worth reading” (click!)