Good Practice

Bienvenue à Derby *UK/France*

Derby Adult Learning Service

The project aimed to link two groups of adult learners to engage in parallel projects where mutual feedback was used to enhance the final products - a video about Derby and a video about Mauriac.
A link was made between the groups and as each group competed a  section of video it was created with the partners and feedback provided.  Communication was maintained via the Derylearn Moodle platform and through email and a 'visio-conference' using Skype. The whole project was conducted in the French language so French version of the CC licence was adopted.  
Humour was an important element in the learning and a particular feature of three sections was the use of dubbing technique to have native French speakers speaking the words mouthed by  the Derby based group.

Why is this a good practice:
Creation was in the hands of learners. Through this  they developed a range of skills through creation of the material (language, negotiation, presentational)