Task 1 - reading challenge

Read the following recommendations and note your opinion about: What is the macro-economic effect of education on general knowledge and welfare, and what is the contribution of OER to this effect?
Share and discuss your findings with your colleagues.

  1. The OECD 'Giving Knowledge for Free - The Emergence of Open Educational Resources' (2007) report advices managers of institutions, strategists and decision makers concerning the opportunities and threats presented by the OER movement and gives ideas for business models and strategies. Read pages 87-96 (click!)

  2. Read chapter "management considerations" in the "Open Educational Resources Guide" by Jisc (click!)

  3. A short analysis of what the costs are for developing open textbooks by Tony Bates. In the content of the article you can find the link to the author’s open textbook example: TEACHING IN A DIGITAL AGE – which examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age, when everyone is teaching and using technology, particularly students. (click!)
    (note: the prices quoted by the Tony Bates, should be adapted to the estimated costs and price levels of any other country or market)


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