OER as part of a strategy

This module provides an insight on how to develop business models and strategies through experimental activities/exercises, individually or in collaboration.

CONTENT opportunities and challenges that come with OERs and the introduction of a corresponding business model in your institutions.
TARGET GROUP staff and management of adult education institutions, consultants & freelancers

“The Internet, increasingly affordable computing, open licensing, open access journals, and open educational resources provide the foundation for a world in which a quality education can be a basic human right. Yet before we break the "iron triangle" of access, cost, and quality with new models, we need to develop sustainable open business models with open policies: public access to publicly funded resources”. - Cable Green, Director for Global Learning Creative Commons, 2013

Releasing OER is as much a business decision as it is a teaching and learning or academic pursuit. OER initiatives can raise interesting questions for institutions around where the responsibility lies within an institution for aspects relating to legal issues, risk management, accessibility and quality of open content. In many institutions this responsibility may be scattered across faculties or departments and might have to be reconsidered if an institution-wide approach is adopted. Essentially OER initiatives are about institutional change and require appropriate approaches and support to help staff adjust to changes in culture that may seem very threatening. Academic practice change was a significant focus across the three year programme. (source)