Open Assessment

Open Assessment is also an important facet of open learning, since it empowers students to be active partners in evaluating their progress and the progresses of their peers. In the following presentation by professor Ulf Ehlers) you can get an understanding of what Open Assessment can mean in practice.

  • Open Assessment, by Prof. Ulf Ehlers (click!)

In the presentation Prof. Ehlers introduces a number of reflections on Open Assessment that shall help you understand the potential impact of this practice in your daily work

Open Badges

One of the most interesting developments in Open Assessment is the Open Badges project by Mozilla. Through the project, everyone can issue “open badges”, which are digital indicators of skills learned inside or outside the classroom. Open Badges contain metadata indicating the badge issuer, criteria for the badge, and other information, all of which is hard-coded into the image file itself. The technology supports a range of badge types, developed in conjunction with the badge issuer. They can be issued by traditional educational institutions, professional bodies, community learning organizations, after-school programs, or online initiatives (including MOOCs).

In the following two short videos you can appreciate the innovative character and the potential impact of the Open Badge idea:


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