OER - in the classroom

Up until this point you have learnt about OER and Open Licensing; now we will dig into the impact of open content on teaching activities. Producing, using and re-using OER, apart from being useful in ethical and efficiency terms, has the potential to change the way you teach in your daily work. OER can, in fact, represent the first step towards the adoption of open and networked teaching methodologies, improving students engagement, participation and motivation.

Imagine, for example, a course where part of the content (in the form of OER, obviously) is co-produced with your students. They would not be passive recipients of knowledge but they would feel they are producing original content that fits their needs and this could represent a starting point for future editions of the course where other students will improve what their predecessors have been doing.

Ultimately, this is about implementing Open Pedagogical Approaches. But what does Open Pedagogy mean? Let’s hear from the voice of one of the major international experts in the field of ICT for learning and Open Education in the following webinar.

CONTENT Exploration of the way OER can be used in the classroom and how this can inspire new open practices of design, teaching and assessment.
TARGET GROUP Teachers, trainers, mentors of adult education institutions, as well as consultants

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