Sharing your OER

Before you distribute OERs please make sure you have completed the licensing module. There are four main ways to distribute OERs.

  1. Using shared sites or cloud drives
  2. Using your own webspace
  3. Using OER directories
  4. Locally (paper based)

There are many sites not specific to OERs that can be used to share them. Click the links to explore the sites. Remember the sites are owned; they are not truly open.

  • YouTube: An ideal place to share videos
  • SoundCloud: An ideal place to share audio
  • Jing: An ideal place for sharing screencasts
  • SlideShare: An ideal place to share presentations

The other option is to share your files by making a public folder on Dropbox, The Box or GoogleDrive.
You can also share your resources on your own webspace.

If you don’t have your own webspace already you could try one of the following sites or explore making your own.

Obviously, you don’t have to share OERs online.
There are many conferences, community meetings or other events where people would welcome the inclusion of OERs in a paper based format. An example of some paper based OERs on digital literacy which are sorted into individual files or complete packs for printing can be found here
There are literally dozens of directories where you can share OERs with the wider community. Click here for a long list of them


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