How this module works

This module will look at all of these aspects through reading and links to interactive content.


  • Reading Exercises: These parts of the module will direct you to resources that can support you in your task.
  • Checklist: This "checklist" helps you think through the process and context of your OERs as well as providing a showcase of how a free interactive learning object can be produced.
  • Task: The task will be to go and do it yourself; this is a very open task because the subject is, by its nature, open. However we have provided some guidance.

What you will learn:

  • What is needed in order to make OER findable (keyword - metadata)
  • A range of tools and platforms that help him/ her to produce OER
  • Ways of making OERs accessible to others / those with learning needs
  • Methods of design that means your OER can be readily used and adapted
  • Some of the limitations/possibilities of different devices, formats, languages etc.

Overall dedication:

This module can be worked through as quickly or as slowly as you like. We recommend taking around 1hr to work through the modules and putting aside anything between 1hrs and 5hrs to create the OER, depending on how complex you make your resource and how many skills you need to develop.