Can you create an OER?

Use the object in the previous lecture to think about how you could use an OER, whether you need to create one from scratch or whether you could make use of existing ones.

Secondly, think about how you would distribute it. Upload it to wherever it needs to be.

You might want to use the module around planning to consider a good way of starting out.

List of links:

  • OER Quality Project, Directory of Repositories, 2012: click!
  • Digital Age Toolkit, 2015: click!
  • Getting started with XTLearn.Net, Rod Paley, 2013: click!
  • How to use Diigo, David Knapp, 2013: click!
  • Tool for editing PDF files: click!
  • Sensitivity; avoiding offence, Macmillan English Dictionaries, 2003: click!
  • W3 standards for accessibility, World Wide Web Consortium 2016: click!
  • File formats for Android, Android Developers Guide, 2016: click!
  • Video File Formats supported in iPhone, StackOverflow, 2009: click!
  • Formats that work on ChromeBooks, 2015: click!
  • Making accessible print and online documents, AbilityNet, 2010: click!
  • Making accessible documents, JiscTechDisc/ Web Archive 2014: click!
  • British Dyslexia Association accessible print guidelines: click!


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