Collating content can be done in a variety of ways
The simplest is to create a list using MS Word and hyperlinks or you can use Google Sites, WordPress or similar sites.


The other option is to use social bookmarking. Diigo and XTLearn allow you to tag content on the web and make it available to others.

Social bookmarking allows you to link together online documents in collections. 

By using “Tags” they are easily searchable by multiple factors.  So, for example, you might tag a resource as “OER” and “Language Skills” and “Video”. That way, someone looking for OERs could find it whether they were looking for videos, language skill resources or another route entirely.
Diigo is the most well-known for doing this. XTLearn allows collections that are tailored differently for learners and for teachers.
Find out about Diigo  
Find Out about XTLearn



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