What does your OER need to be?

Making an OER should not be a big deal. You want to make something that is
Simple * Easy to understand and use * Straightforward to make or repurpose

But before you start you need to think about a few things to make sure it is also:

  • Legal
  • Findable
  • Of suitable quality

Planning: The first point to consider is what you are actually doing?


In this scenario you are making an OER from scratch. Maybe this is a subject you know a lot about and you have fresh content to create or maybe you can’t find anything else to support learning elsewhere.
You need to think:

  • Am I creative enough?
  • Do I have access to the right tools?
  • Do I need (and, if so, can I afford) help?

Possible tools for creating:  E-learning creators like CourseLab, Articulate Storyline or Xerte, Word processors or desktop publishing tools like MS Word or Publisher, video tools like iMovie, MovieMake or Videostory, screencast software like CamStudio or audio editing software like Audacity


In this scenario you are putting together existing OERs to make a new “super” OER.
Maybe this is because you can find lots of things that are OK but you need them all in one place or maybe adding content can add value. 
You need to think:

  • Do I have enough content to make this?
  • Are all the OERs I intend to use licensed for modification?

Tools for collating:  Social bookmarking / tagging sites like XTLearn, Diigo, Delicious, Tumblr, RSS aggregation sites like Feedly, blogs like Blooger or WordPress, free sites such as GoogleSites.  If you have access to one you could also use a learning platform like Moodle.


In this scenario you are taking an existing resource and changing it into a different form.
Maybe this is to help learners with different learning styles, to update an OER to your context or to put it in a better format (e.g. video).
You need to think:

  • Do I have the skills needed for this?
  • Is the original OER licensed for modification?

Tools for re-purposing: Tools for creating and also SplitPDF, Online-Convert, Pixlr


In this scenario you are working with other people to create a resource. Maybe this is because combined knowledge is the best tool. Wikipedia is a great example of an open collaboration resource.

Tools for collaborating: Collaborative documents like Mind32, MediWiki, WikiPedia, WikiMedia, Google Docs, Office 365


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