OER - it's already out there

You should already have a pretty clear idea about what an OER and OEP are and which kind of licences are available for this. 

The next step is mainly practical: searching for OER is a common task for those involved in adult education. OER are then used as-is or are repIntrodurposed. In order to do this, it is important to have a set of criteria for searching for OER. This module addresses this from a practical point of view. Starting from an analysis of the resources you use in your classes, you will search OER in order to select one/s and repurpose it/them according to the detected needs. (This module is an adaptation of the activities 2 and 3 from the PREA course (Maina & Pérez-Mateo, 2013. Available here!)

The core activity of this module is to search, evaluate and repurpose an OER.
Four main tasks are defined: 

  1. To identify a concrete need for the use of OER and establish some search criteria.
  2. To search for resources using some OER repositories
  3. To apply quality criteria for the evaluation of the resources found
  4. To identify the need of adaptation of the resource/s in order to be applied in your concrete context (repurpose)
CONTENT analysis of resources, search for resources, repurposing resources
TARGET GROUP teachers, trainers, mentors, staff and management of adult education institutions, as well as consultants


Please have a look at the expert webinar on quality assurance in open education with Anthony F. Camilleri, who is a quality and standardization expert and a tertiary education policy consultant. Click to get to the webinar...