How to license your work

In order to avoid extra work after you’ve completed your content, it is advisable to start thinking about the license you want to apply before you start working on it.  This way, you can start looking for existing material that you may want to use and include into your work, which supports the license you have chosen.

To properly engage in the “licensing business”, follow these three steps, defined by Michelle Willmers and Laura Czerniewicz:

STEP 1 - Identify your intentions

  • do you want people to be able to adapt your content?
  • do you want people to use the same license as you have? ..etc.

STEP 2 - Assess your policy framework

  • get to know your institutional policy
  • examine the intellectual property (IP) stipulations in your grant agreements and contracts
  • review co-authorship arrangements

STEP 3 - Select and apply your license

  • familiarise yourself with Creative Commons licensing
  • practice applying the license to various content types
  • consider license compatibility

Please watch the expert webinar with John H. Weitzmann, an expert on open licensing, which provides insight on what open licensing is all about and how you can use the different Creative Common licenses to create new OER. Click to watch..


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