Open Licensing

Opening up content is, at its very core, a legal question. To whom does the content belong? What does the owner of the rights allow me to do with their content?

The purpose of copyright is to respect and reward creative work while encouraging future creativity and the development of new material. However, in digital times, when content can easily be found online and a culture of sharing is dominating, legal uncertainties seem inevitable and legal boundaries even seem to hinder creative and innovative processes. You have probably experienced it yourself when looking for content for training materials; you find the perfect sketch, picture or definition but are then uncertain about whether or not you are violating any copyrights by using it.

This module, therefore, provides an insight into the relationship between copyright and legal licenses. It also helps you identify OER-friendly licenses and mark your work with an appropriate license.

CONTENT copyright, legal licenses, applying appropriate licenses
TARGET GROUP teachers, trainers, mentors, staff and management of adult education institutions, as well as consultants