Please watch the recording of our opening webinar, starting at minute 7:10: 

Speaker: Kevin Campbell-Wright (L&W), Ines Kreitlein (MFG), and Alastair Clark

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00:00 Welcome & agenda
02:07 OERup! project introduction
04:27 Project definition of OER and OEP
07:10 Introduction of the expert Alastair Clark, active teacher, researcher, consultant, and speaker
08:31 Open Education and OER, where do we stand? What is it all about (by Alastair Clark)
21:57 Webinar participants gather points on potential and challenges of OER
30:31 Motivational speech on what needs to be done to support Open Eduation (by Alastair Clark)
36:02 Introduction and instructions for the OERup! pilot training
45:44 Summary of the activity results

For the automated agenda, please go to the recording on youtube.