Defining OEP

What do we mean by Open Educational Practices?:

The pure existence of OER does not ensure the actual use of these resources in educational work. Therefore the term OEP (open educational practices) describe practices which support the (re)use and production of OER through institutional policies, promoting innovative pedagogical models as well as respect and empowerment learners as co-producers on their lifelong learning journey. Whereas OER focuses on content and resources, OEP represents the practice in which an educational method is used to create an educational environment in which OER are used or created as learning resources.

For a deeper insight and practical steps on the topic OEP go to module 5 and 6 of this training.

Task 2

Read pages 1-3 of the paper “From Open Educational Resources to Open Educational Practices” by Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, 2011 about the development from OER to OEP:


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