The OERup! training

The OERup! online training course aims to enable you to find, create and use Open Educational Resources (OER), and to implement Open Educational Practices (OEP) in your daily work. The training is targeted to teaching practitioners, training consultants as well as to the management of adult education institutions.

The training modules are:

The course will be available in English, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish, is totally free and openly licensed: this means that you can reuse and adapt all or part of our modules in your daily work.

How to get started

Our recommendation is to start with the OERup! guidelines, where you will be able to quickly self-assess your current knowledge about OER and OEP and get some knowledge tailored to your starting level, together with practical ideas on how to start or to further implement your individual path towards Open Education.

Alternatively, you can simply browse the modules in the upper menu and discover our content and practical activities.